Chiriaco and Summit Rd Resurfacing

Project Description

The County of Riverside Transportation Department (RCTD) proposes to resurface approximately 4000 feet of Chiriaco Road and 900 feet of Summit Road. The existing roadway for Chiriaco Road is approximately 32 feet wide with no existing curb and gutter or AC dike. Summit Road is also 32 feet wide and has turn pockets for freeway on/off ramps. There is a portion of AC dike along both sides of the embankments to the bridge that ends at the returns at Chiriaco Road. The proposed improvements consist of milling the existing Asphalt Concrete (AC) and underlying base to a depth of 0.50 feet and to pave back 0.50 feet of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). At the approach sections (bridge termini) toward the two ends of the bridge, remove an additional 0.25 feet of underlying material for at least 15 feet away from the bridge, resulting in the approach sections being filled with 0.75 feet of HMA. In addition, the improvements also include shoulder backing to match edge of pavement and re-application of pavement markings and striping. No additional right-of-way will be required to construct the proposed improvements. All improvements are to be done on the same footprint of the existing roadway.