Clark Sidewalk Project

Project Description

The County of Riverside Transportation Department is proposing to construct concrete sidewalk on Clark St between Rider St and Cajalco Rd.  The sidewalk will fill in gaps from Rider St to Cajalco Rd.  Approximately 1,900 linear feet of sidewalk is being proposed. 

The new sidewalk will be on the east side of Clark St.  It will connect to the existing sidewalk north of Rider St to the existing sidewalk north of Cajalco Rd.  The road will be widened up to 11 feet and include concrete curb and gutter.  Five proposed accessible ramps and curb returns will be constructed with the project.  Two at Pinewood St, one at Oakwood St, and two at Elmwood St.

Additional right of way will be needed for the access ramps at the Oakwood St and Elmwood Rd.