Clay Street Grade Separation Project Overview

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held on May 18th

On May 18th, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, the Riverside County Transportation Department and the City of Jurupa Valley hosted a Ribbon Cutting Celebration for the Clay Street & Union Pacific Railroad Grade Separation Project. Approximately 70 people from the community attended the event.
Special thanks to the construction contractor, Ames Construction, Inc. for a job well done on the project as well as for being the major sponsor of the Ribbon Cutting event.
Clay St Ribbon Cutting 1 Clay St Ribbon Cutting 2



Construction Cost Estimate  $16 Million
Construction Start May 2014
Construction Completion Clay Street undercrossing expected to open to traffic in late April, 2016.
Work Hours 6 a.m – 4 p.m.
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Clay Street is a four-lane Major Highway located in the City of Jurupa Valley that connects Limonite Avenue to the north and Van Buren Boulevard to the south.  A Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) at grade crossing currently exists on Clay Street just east of Van Buren Boulevard.  The Riverside County Transportation Department in conjunction with the City of Jurupa Valley propose to grade separate the current at-grade crossing  by lowering the roadway under the railroad tracks.  Although currently in the City of Jurupa Valley, the project was initiated by the County prior to incorporation of the City and the City and County have arranged for the County to continue as lead agency through the completion of this project.

The project includes reconstruction of Clay Street to pass under the existing UPRR railway, construction of a railroad bridge (60’ wide, 104’-7 5/8” long,  two span) for the existing UPRR railway, and lowering of grade elevation at General Drive and at Linares Avenue that will tie into the new lower Clay Street grade. The UPRR bridge will be approximately 105 feet long and 60 feet wide.  A new traffic signal will be constructed at Linares Avenue and a separate project will construct a new signal at General Drive.  Construction will also require a temporary shoo-fly track adjacent to and north of the existing UPRR mainline. A shoo-fly is a temporary by-pass necessary to maintain rail circulation through the project area during construction of the new structure.  Upon completion of the structure, the shoo-fly will be removed.

Purpose & Need

Clay Street carries over 17,000 vehicles per day.  30 freight and 12 passenger trains also pass through the Clay Street grade crossing on a daily basis, which is projected to increase to 45 freight and 28 passenger trains by 2030. The increase in number of trains will cause frequent interruptions in the normal flow of highway traffic. Traffic congestion in the area may increase potential train/vehicle accidents.

This grade separation project will improve vehicular traffic circulation and safety and will provide uninterrupted and efficient access for motorists, residents, businesses, pedestrians and emergency vehicles in the area.   Additionally, the project will also enhance the operational characteristics (i.e. speed, efficiency, and reliability) of freight and passenger trains through Riverside County by eliminating conflicts between railroad operations and vehicular traffic.

Project Highlights

Distance of this Project 0.33 miles
Clay Street Average Daily Traffic (ADT) 2015: 17,000+
2035: 25,000+
Trains 2015: 30 freight / 12 Passenger
2030: 45 freight / 28 Passenger
Bridge 105′ long and 60′ wide – Minimum clearance is 15’2″
New Signals Linares Ave & General Drive
Roadway Excavation 85,000 CY
Retaining Wall Approximately 1,500 ft long, Max height 26′
Footings Footings are below the groundwater table and are protected by Geomembrane Waterproofing.