Ethanac Expressway


The Riverside County Transportation Department is conducting studies for the Ethanac Expressway Project, which would connect the Cities of Hemet, San Jacinto, Menifee, Perris and Lake Elsinore and the unincorporated communities of Winchester, Homeland, Romoland, Good Hope, Meadowbrook and Warm Springs.

This proposed project would provide a new east-west, interregional route to serve southwestern Riverside County. Feedback received from the public and various stakeholders will help develop the Corridor Vision and identify areas for further study. Findings from the Corridor Vision study will guide the design of the proposed roadway and confirm that the design is compatible with the standards of local jurisdictions and the future land uses for these areas. The Corridor Vision may include recommendations for:

  • Number of lanes
  • Intersection spacing
  • Bicycle lanes and routes
  • Bus stop routes and stops
  • Future public transit routes
  • Pedestrian uses
  • Multi-trail uses

Please note that no decisions have been made at this time regarding the future roadway alignment. Based on feedback received from the community, a variety of alignment alternatives will be presented for public and agency consideration and for detailed study. The map below provides a broad look at the proposed project study area, and conceptual alignment.



Name File Type
Planned Studies    
Corridor Vision    
Traffic Congestion    
Proposed Ethanac Alternative    
Nichols Alternative Screening    
Proposed Nicholas Alternatives    
Delivery Process    
Project Overview Power Point    


  • Corridor Vision and Project Development, Through Late 2018
  • Environmental Studies (NEPA and CEQA), Pending Funding, Dates to be Determined
  • Final Design, Pending Funding, Dates to be Determined
  • Phased Construction, Pending Funding, Dates to be Determined



The Riverside County Transportation Department will offer multiple opportunities for public and agency feedback throughout this initial phase of the project development process, which is expected to be completed in late 2018. Please join our mailing list [create link from sidebar menu] to receive notice of upcoming meetings in your area. A survey also will be developed to gather input from community members. To submit a question, please click here