Harrison Street Resurfacing

Project Description

The County of Riverside Transportation Department (RCTD) proposes to resurface approximately 5200 linear feet on Harrison Street from 54th Avenue to 2600 Feet south of 55th Avenue. Harrison Street is a two lane road with varying road widths, from 48 feet to 58 feet. The right-of-way between the project limits is 30 feet to the left and 30 feet to the right of the centerline. The proposed improvements consist of Cold-in-Place Recycling to a depth of 0.33 feet and overlaying the pavement with Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix (ARHM) to a depth of 0.20 feet. In addition, the improvements also include:

1) Shoulder backing to match edge of pavement
2) Replacing/salvaging existing signs with new roadways signs
3) Installation of Detector Loops
4) Application of new striping with roadway pavement markers (RPMs)
5) Re-application of pavement markings, striping, and reflectors

No additional right-of-way will be required to construct the proposed improvements. All improvements are to be done on the same footprint of the existing roadway.