Parsons Road Resurfacing

Parsons Road Resurfacing

Project Description

The County of Riverside Transportation Department is proposing to resurface approximately 1 mile of Parsons Road from Markham Street to Mariposa Avenue. Parsons Road is classified as a Local Road in the County of Riverside’s General Plan. Varner Road currently ranges from 22-24 feet wide with 30 feet of Right-of-way on each side of the center line. The proposed project will include pulverizing the roadway width, then overlaying with HMA.

The proposed project will include:

  • Resurfacing the roadway
  • Construction of some driveway tie-ins, some driveways, bus turnouts at bus stops, miscellaneous asphalt concrete at some drainage crossings, and some asphalt concrete over side drains.
  • Placement of asphalt concrete dike, safety edge, and shoulder backing..
  • Utility adjustments
  • Striping of roadway, including pavement markers and reflectors
  • Replacement of signs (PENDING TRAFFIC REVIEW)

No additional right-of-way will be required to construct the proposed improvements. All improvements are to be done on the same footprint of the existing roadway. The project improvements will raise the existing roadway profile 0.30’.