Roberts Street Resurfacing

Project Description:

 The Riverside County Transportation Department (RCTD) proposes to reconstruct 1300 feet of Roberts Street from Ramon Road to La Canada Way. Roberts Street is a two lane road that is 40 feet wide with right-of-way project limits that are 33 feet to the left and 33 feet to the right. The proposed improvements include milling existing Asphalt Concrete (AC) to a depth of 0.25 feet and placing 0.30 feet Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). In addition, the improvements also include:

1) Constructing 2 curb ramps to ADA standards
2) Placing shoulder backing
3) Placing safety edge
4) Re-striping existing roadway
5) Re-application of pavement markings, striping, and reflectors

No additional right-of-way will be required to construct the proposed improvements.