Van Buren Boulevard Widening Project


The Riverside County Transportation Department, in cooperation with the City of Riverside, is proposing to widen Van Buren Boulevard from approximately King Avenue eastward to Bountiful Street, a total distance of approximately 2.5 miles. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve traffic operations within the project corridor. The project would widen Van Buren Boulevard from four lanes to six lanes and include right-turn pockets at major intersections. Existing sidewalk, driveways, and curb returns would be reconstructed in compliance with the current accessibility standards. The proposed project would also require relocation of existing utilities. 

The project will include the following:

  • Widening of lanes from 4 to 6
  • Construction of bus turnouts
  • Construction of new sidewalk and curb & gutter where necessary
  • Construction of driveways and driveway approaches where necessary
  • Milling and overlay of roadway
  • Adjustment and/or relocation of utilities
The City of Riverside is currently working on a sewer project at the same location on Van Buren Blvd. The County will coordinate construction of both projects. For more information about the City’s sewer project, please contact:
Thuy Nguyen, P.E

Principal Engineer
City of Riverside Public Works Dept.
(951) 826-5706

City of Riverside Van Buren Sewer Project Map


Improve Vehicular Traffic Circulation and Access For:

  • Motorists
  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Emergency Service Providers
  • Nearby Institutions (e.g., Schools, etc.)
  • Public Transportation (e.g., Bus Stops)


Van Buren Boulevard is an urban arterial road that is commonly traveled. The entirety of the road outside of the project limits runs for many miles and connects the Cities of Riverside and Moreno Valley while serving as a bypass for those traveling from SR-91 to I-215 during times of heavy traffic. Van Buren Boulevard carries over 40,000 vehicles a day and can commonly experience traffic delays and congestion. Widening of the lanes will relieve traffic and congestion on Van Buren Boulevard while improving vehicular traffic circulation and access for motorists, residents, businesses, emergency service providers, nearby institutions such as schools, and public transportation.


  • Construction Start: Early 2019
  • Cooperating Agencies: City of Riverside
  • Preparation of Environmental Studies/Draft Initial Study: Ongoing
  • Publicly Circulate Draft Initial Study: Winter/Spring 2017
  • Preparation Final Initial Study/Final Design: Spring/Summer 2017





The project is located along two jurisdictions, the County of Riverside and the City of Riverside. The project begins at approximately 600 feet west of Washington Street and ends at 700 feet west of Wood Road. The image below depicts the limits of work and transition from one jurisdiction to another.


To obtain more information about this project, please call (951) 955-6859 or write to:

Riverside County Transportation Department
Attn: Jan Bulinski
Senior Transportation Planner
4080 Lemon Street, 8th Floor
P.O. Box 1090
Riverside, CA 92502-1090