Yale Street Resurfacing Project

The Riverside County Transportation Department is proposing to resurface Yale Street between Stetson Ave and Florida Ave. The plans are currently in the final stages of Design with construction expected to start in mid to late 2017. Construction is expected to last approximately 40 working days (about 2 months) – depending on weather conditions. The County is working with the City of Hemet to provide consistent blacktop along Yale Street.

The project will:

  • Reconstruct existing access ramps to current ADA standards
  • Construct new access ramps at existing returns and cross walk locations (as needed)
  • Reconstruct portions of damage concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk
  • Reconstruct existing concrete cross gutters
  • Coldplane existing asphalt surface
  • Place 0.13’ ARHM over 0.20’ HMA
  • Place asphalt berm and mountable dike
  • Place shoulder backing
  • Replace striping, pavement markings and raised pavement markers
  • Relocate and replace signs and sign posts

Additional Right-of- Way and Right of Entry will not be required to construct the improvements. All the improvements will be done within the existing footprint of the road. There are no road closures or detours proposed. There are no tree removals.