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Avenue 48

Avenue 48 Widening

Project Overview

The County of Riverside Transportation Department (County), in cooperation with the City of Coachella (City) and the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), are proposing to widen Avenue 48 from Van Buren Street eastward to Dillon Road, a total distance of approximately 0.5 miles. The northerly half (westbound lanes) of Avenue 48 is in the jurisdictional boundaries of the County and the southerly half (eastbound lanes) lies within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City. The project will widen Avenue 48 from two lanes to five lanes to accommodate for one additional westbound lane and 2 additional eastbound lanes with a raised median.  Additional improvements will include construction of sidewalks, bike lanes, concrete ramp and curb and gutter. The proposed project will require the relocation of existing utilities. The project will be consistent with the County and City General Plan Circulation Element to meet current and future traffic demands and improve the traffic operation for this corridor.

Project Benefits:

Improve Vehicular Traffic Circulation and Access For:

  • Motorists

  • Residents

  • Businesses

  • Emergency Service Providers

  • Nearby Institutions (e.g., Schools, etc.)

  • Public Transportation

The project will include the following:

  • Widening of lanes from 2 to 5

  • Construction of new curb and gutter, sidewalk and curb ramps

  • Construction of driveways and driveway approaches where necessary

  • Reconstruction of existing roadway

  • Adjustment and/or relocation of utilities


Avenue 48 is an east-west major arterial road that is commonly traveled. It carries over 15,000 vehicles a day and can commonly experience traffic delays and congestion.  The road connects the cities of Coachella, Indio and the unincorporated area of the County of Riverside. Widening of the lanes will relieve traffic and congestion on Avenue 48 while improving vehicular traffic circulation and access for motorists, residents, businesses, emergency service providers, nearby institutions such as schools, and public transportation.


project schedule

  • Preparation of Environmental Studies/Draft Initial Study: Ongoing

  • Environmental Clearance: Winter 2019

  • Final Design: Summer 2020

  • Construction Start: Winter 2020

  • Cooperating Agencies: City of Coachella

☎  Project CONTACT

Cesar Tolentino
(951) 955-1520


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