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Ramona Expressway Resurfacing

Limits: Rider Street to 600 feet east of 5th Street
Length: Approximately 5 miles
District: 5
Communities: Nuevo and Lakeview

The County of Riverside Transportation Department is proposing to resurface approximately 5 miles of Ramona Expressway from Rider Street to 600 feet east of 5th Street. Ramona Expressway is classified as an Expressway in the County of Riverside General Plan. Ramona Expressway currently ranges from 40-126 feet wide with dike at various segments of the roadway. The proposed project includes either grinding, pulverizing, or removing the roadway width, followed by overlaying Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and/or Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA).

Additional improvements include:

·         Construction and/or reconstruction of asphalt concrete overside drain, dike, driveway, and down drain pipe
·         Placement of safety edge, shoulder backing, centerline rumble strip, and shoulder rumble strip
·         Guardrail
·         Detector loops
·         Utility adjustments
·         Striping of roadway, including pavement markers and reflectors
·         Salvage/removal and installation of new signs

No additional right-of-way will be required to construct the proposed improvements. The project improvements will raise the existing roadway profile by 0.17-0.57 feet.


Environmental Clearance: October 2018
Final Design: October 2018
Construction Start: Pending completion of Caltrans SR60 Truck Climbing Project
Construction Completion: Pending completion of Caltrans SR60 Truck Climbing Project

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