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Gilman Springs Road Resurfacing

Limits: SR-79 northbound on/off ramps to 1,100 feet southeasterly
Length: Approximately 1,100 feet
District: 5
Community: Gilman Hot Springs

The County of Riverside Transportation Department proposes to resurface approximately 1,100 feet of Gilman Springs Road from the SR-79 northbound on/off ramps to 1,100 feet southeasterly. Gilman Springs Road is a classified as Secondary Highway in the County of Riverside General Plan. Gilman Springs Road is a two lane road and currently ranges from 32-34 feet wide. The proposed improvements consist of removing the existing roadway and placing back Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Additional improvements include reconstruction of asphalt concrete dike.

The proposed project will be constructed within California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) right-of-way and the County will coordinate with Caltrans for an encroachment permit.   The project improvements will not raise the existing roadway profile.


Environmental Clearance: July 2017
Final Design: June 2017
Construction Start: April 2018
Construction Completion: June 2018